About Geertje van der Zijpp.

Geertje was born on a farm in Friesland, an area in the northern part of the Netherlands. Growing up in the country, the shy but highly imaginative girl knew from an early age that she wanted to become an artist.

After secondary school graduation, Geertje enrolled in the Art Academy of Groningen. There she discovered painting and she soon developed a distinct artistic style of her own.

Many of her acrylic paintings have a dreamy, fairy tale-like character. Her painting subjects often include angels, elves, gnomes, animals, women, trees and flowers -whose rendition enthusiastically express Geertje’s belief that all life forms are somehow connected.

Geertje’s work has become increasingly popular ever since she started selling postcards and greeting cards in 1994. Her cards are playful, inspirational and heartwarming. Geertje’s ultimate dream would be that they travel the world and bring light into the lives of people of all ages.
Besides freehand painting, Geertje illustrates books and textbooks. She also accepts commissions for paintings and memorials.

Furthermore, Geertje runs a Bed and Breakfast from her house in the Oranjestraat, Groningen. It features the colourful "Tuinkamer Court en Geertje", where people can sleep among her paintings.

If you would you like to visit Geertje’s studio, feel free to call her anytime. For information on upcoming exhibitions and other events please click “news” page.

Studio: Lage der A 12-35
9718 BJ Groningen
Phone: 003150 3146307
Email: geertje@thelastbuscards.com

Translated into English by Miryam Wijnhoven, Vineyards Text & Translations

Geertje at her studio.