About The Last Bus cards.

Geertje van der Zijpps paintings already gained considerable popularity in the early nineties.
But a painting can only be sold once!
Thus we got the idea to reproduce her paintings in postcard form.
We started out selling two cards in several shops in our hometown, Groningen.
The profits we made were used towards publishing more cards.

The two cards published first.

For nearly all of our printed matter we use ecologically friendly products,
including waterless offset and soya-ink on FSC paper. All products are printed in Groningen.

Besides postcards, we also sell greeting cards, birth announcement cards,
gift cards, posters, a birthday calendar and a picture book.
Most products can also be purchased outside the Netherlands.

We will shortly be selling our 1.000.000th card!

Who are involved in The Last Bus cards?

Our company has two employees.
Geertje van der Zijpp, born in 1960, is the performing artist.
She also decides which paintings are suitable for publishing.
For more information about Geertje, go to our home page and click on her face
in the passenger’s seat of The Last Bus.
Court Hengeveld was born 1955 and is Geertje’s husband.
He takes care of the technical side of publication.

How did we think of our company’s name?
Court used to be a bus driver and is still employed by
public transportation systems today.
Therefore he knows very well that the most important bus of the day is the last bus home.
If you miss it, you are in serious trouble!

Translated into English by Miryam Wijnhoven, Vineyards Text & Translations